Saturday, 3 December 2016

More Reindeers.....of a different Kind !!

Morning all, a quick blog today, still busy sorting things out.....yesterday whizzed by so fast, that I didn't get half the things sorted that I had planned to !!

Anyway, I was recently in "the works" and saw this little reindeer kit, to make 2 reindeer decorations. It only cost £2, so I thought I would buy it and if it looked ok, maybe make some more different ones ie: snowman or Father Christmas. 

Just circles of stiff felt, with a bead in between each circle then the shaped head on top. 

Will put these on my craft stall tomorrow at £1.25 each, so hopefully will make a small profit !!

Enjoy your weekend. x

Friday, 2 December 2016

Sock Monkeys..........

Morning all, hope you are all well, happy and WARM !!! The weather has certainly turned now, definitely winter now. 

I was asked to make 3 sock monkeys for a friend. When I bought the Christmas socks, they were in a pack of 5, so I decided to make all 5 to give my friend a choice, then hopefully I will sell the remaining 2 at my craft fairs. 

I have a full week of craft fairs next week, starting on Sunday, then Monday morning, Tuesday evening & Friday afternoon. This will be the last of them for this year, so I will let you know the results if I can next week.

My eldest son is coming home on Monday for a week, so the craft room will have to be tidied ready for him. So I wont be doing much crafting in there next week !!

Have fun Christmas shopping x

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Sleighs......

 Morning all, well the countdown has started to the big day.....hope you're all on track to get everything done. 
I made these sleighs a few years ago. I've had them on my craft shelf ever since, but as I'm doing craft fairs now, I decided to dust them off, buy some sweets and try to sell them.
 I had only made 2 , one red & one gold. So I wont be too disappointed if they don't sell. My lot indoors, will soon devour the sweets over the festive period.
See you all again soon. x

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Book Folding Christmas Display......

 Morning all, well here we are the last day of November!!. Christmas rush begins now LOL !!!. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. So much still to do before the big day, including 4 more craft fairs !!!

Here is something that I have made to sell (but wont actually mind of I don't sell it !)

I did this book fold some time ago, and at the time just placed a bit of ribbon around the centre. Then I was thinking about table decorations. I had recently visited a garden centre that has a great Christmas section, and saw this battery operated snowman. He has a changing coloured light inside, so I thought he would  be perfect on top.

I've used Martha Stewart circle punches, to do 3 different coloured circles, which I then layered on top of the book fold. The snowman is just placed in the centre, because the on/off switch is underneath him.

Have a great day, and see you again very soon. x

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

2nd Reindeer Made.......

Morning all, a quick blog today, as I seem to be really busy at the moment. (like all of us !!)

Here is a second reindeer made. I decided to do a slight variation to the original pattern, in that I've knitted him so that he looks like he's got a red jumper on, rather than just a scarf.

I'm now in the process of making a third (out of the same 100gm ball of fawn wool), will probably to the original design again. 

Thanks for popping by. x

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Reporting Back........

Morning all, a quick blog today.......

Glad to report back that I did really well yesterday at the craft fair. We had an initial large amount of people in the first hour, then a smaller, but steady stream of people throughout the day. My reindeer that I showed yesterday was sold in the first half hour. So I am making another one now!!!

The local junior school also had a craft fair on the same day, but they were good enough to advertise our one too, so a lot of people seemed to go to both fairs.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Wrap up warm if you go out !!! X

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Small Reindeer......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. Sorry haven't been around for a few days, but I've been busy making more bits for the craft fairs.

I'm doing one today, so I will report back tomorrow.

Here is a small knitted reindeer that I've done. The pattern is from knittingbypost, and he stands at about 12 inches high. 

I've put a candy stick in his bag as an extra gift.

Hope he sells today, along with the tonnes and tonnes of stuff that I've made LOL !!
Enjoy your weekend. x